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The Little Green Blog welcomes your submissions. In addition to allowing comments on all stories, we invite readers to respond in two ways. Readers may submit letters to the editor or guest columns. We remind readers that the Little Green Blog reserves the right to publish and edit all submissions made to LGB.

Letters to the Editor

Readers wishing to briefly respond to pieces published on Little Green Blog or to clarify the public record may submit a letter to the editor. Letters should be limited to 250 words, and selected letters will be published in their entirety. Letters may be e-mailed to LGB here.

Guest Columns

Readers who wish to submit full-length pieces on topics of their choice are invited to send LGB a guest column for editorial review. Guest columns should be 1,000 words or fewer, although the flexibility of publishing stories online gives us some flexibility. Final decisions about piece length, as well as other aspects of editorial policy, rest with the editorial board. Guest columns may be e-mailed to LGB here.

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